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How to Know you have Bed Bugs

They hide in places that are very hard to find. If you happen to find a single bed bug in a particular room, you should be on high alert because there is a possibility that there are more of them in the house. These insects are really good in hiding.

They are really stubborn and they cannot be exterminated by just anyone or by any pesticide.

You will not know if you are having bed bugs in your house unless you notice these kinds of bites across the arms and legs. Other people will have a very sensitive skin that may result in allergies.

Bed bugs will harm you in a very short time.

They leave marker stains on the mattresses and bed sheets hence you will surely tell if there are bed bugs.

You will not be necessarily looking for the bed bug eggs. The eggs are one millimeter long and are pearl white in color. So, if you come across be bug eggs in a particular bed in your house, you have to check other rooms for the same more.

Before going to their next stage in life, they feed and shed off their skin for them to proceed. They are easier to find.

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